Little Liza

What a cute and talented young cat!
One year old Liza is very good at playing fetch. I wish you could hear her happy chirps as she runs after the purple mouse and brings it right back for another round.

Liza is playful, friendly, and affectionate.
Check out her friend Belana:

Now that Liza has killed that purple mouse dead, she sees that two year old Belana has something very interesting…

Well, maybe not.

These cats are both available at PAWS. If you can’t adopt, look how much fun you can have volunteering!

20 thoughts on “Little Liza”

  1. What a great post!
    Adorable pictures and kitties!
    FABULOUS news, that they have found their home!
    I hope they got to take the purple mousie and blue mousie with the long tail to their new home!

  2. They are both so adorable! Liza sounds very playful. What a fun she loves to play fetch! Looks like Belana was not ready to share the toy 🙂
    Saw comment above. How wonderful they found home together! I wish them a very happy new life with their forever family!

  3. What beautiful pictures indeed. Those are two of the most beautiful kitties ever, and I hope they get to go home with a loving family soon. Happy weekend, y’all!

  4. Excellent job dealing that purple mousie, now I hope they have some more for you two lovelies in your new home. Wishing you both, and your new family, the happiest of times together.

  5. If I were within 50 miles I would volunteer for 35 hours a day! Or 100 hours a week. Or more.

  6. We just met Belana on Kevin’s blog, and she is gorgeous. Liza is a beauty as well. With their beauty and playful ways, we think they will have new homes quickly. Nevertheless, they will be in our prayers. Mom read once that cats don’t fetch, which is just a big lie. Our Mauricio loves to play fetch. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  7. I can just imagine what happy chirps little Liza makes. I read above that both she and Belana were adopted together. I hope they will be very happy!

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