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She purrs when you talk to her.
She purrs when you pet her…
She even purrs while she’s eating!

Zella is a seventeen year old sweetheart. This lovely old girl came to PAWS when her person could no longer care for her.

She’s waiting patiently for a new home, content to give and receive love in the meantime.
Fortunately the very generous PAWS Pension Plan is available for Zella. Should you be lucky enough to qualify as Zella’s new family, there’s no adoption fee. Plus the annual exam, vaccinations, and yearly bloodwork would be administered at PAWS for free.

When you look into Zella’s eyes, you know she’s an old kitty. But her spirit and will to love again is strong.

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5 years ago

We are so sorry your human had to give you up beautiful Zella. I hope someone gives you a chance soon.

5 years ago

Oh Zella, we are just glad you are at PAWS, since we know you will get such good care there. You poor thing, losing your family at this age. Wish we lived closer. I sure would figure out a way to take you. We sure will keep our paws crossed that you find a home and soon.

What A HANDSOME kitty. I wish I could take him home.
Thanks for linking up at

5 years ago

Zella is beautiful, inside and out! We spent some good time with her yesterday. She is so loving and sweet.

5 years ago

She sounds like a purring machine! I really, really hope she finds a forever home soon and doesn’t have to wait too long.

5 years ago

what a sweetie! I am certain she will find her furever home soon!

S Hall
5 years ago

What beautiful eyes you have sweet Zella!
How lovely of PAWS to support her care.
I hope someone falls in love with her and takes her home ASAP!

5 years ago

Sweet purr baby!

5 years ago

She is a beauty. I hope she gets a forever home soon.

5 years ago

We hope Zella will soon find her forever home even if it’s just for a few weeks or days.

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