Peaceful Afternoon in the Lobby Room

Naps were only interrupted when the cats moved to a more comfortable spot.
Midnight claimed the wall cup. Goober, on the left, shared the shelf with her buddy, four year old orange Jetpack.

Midnight is a sleek and healthy house panther. She’s only a year old and playful as any kitten.
Don’t get too comfortable, Midnight!

It’s Goober‘s turn!

Then Daisy claimed the wall cup.

These cats are at PAWS in Norwalk Ct. Please visit the website and, if you’re looking for love, fill out an adoption application.

18 thoughts on “Peaceful Afternoon in the Lobby Room”

  1. Those sure look like happy cats and sure look like nice cats. How great that is that they can be so comfortable while waiting for their new homes. Love the name Goober. You all have a great day.

  2. Hee hee! All our showcase room pals look great in these wonderful photos, Maggie. We love that Goober. Isn’t it funny how she likes to hang with the big kitties? 🙂

  3. What darling, darling kitties! You all are so very precious, purrs to each of you for finding loving forever homes that adore you! What a great hang-out you have and such good care at PAWS. (Thank you Maggie for stopping by recently and for your sweet comment checking on us, we truly appreciate it!)

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