Shelter Cats


Mindy and Bunny in Cat Room #5 are best buddies. They get along fine with young David, but only two cats can fit in the bed.

It’s pleasant to sleep in on Sunday mornings.
Well, they are cats, after all… It’s nice to nap ‘most anytime of the day!

Right, David?

Sadly, Mindy and Bunny have been waiting at PAWS for six years. They are a peaceful pair looking for a quiet home. David joined them this year. Given a good home and patient people, these cats would make wonderful companions.

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5 years ago

Six years, Wow. All three sure look like very nice cats. Hope they find a great home and soon. Nothing better than black cats. Got all our paws crossed for you three. Have a great day.

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

OH I can’t believe you two are there all these years. You need and deserve the best of lives being loved and cared for. And you look so sweet in the bed! I love that cat furniture. David darling…you were relegated to UNDER the bed! UTB.

5 years ago

We think you need a bigger bed so David can join. 🙂 How sad that Minny and Bunny have been at the shelter that long.

5 years ago

I remember those two cuties. Timing is everything and I hope their time is now for a forever home. Sharing .

5 years ago

I am stunned they have been there for 6 yrs, they are gorgeous!!

5 years ago

Gosh six years…Mindy and Bunny have been waiting too long. I hope they find wonderful forever home they deserve, very soon. xo

5 years ago

Dang, that is just way too long. Someone kindly come get these lovebugs!

5 years ago

Mindy and Bunny will dominate some household soon, I predict.

5 years ago

Such cuties 🙂

5 years ago

What beautiful panthers they are…we can’t believe they have been waiting 6 years. They are so fortunate to have a safe and loving place at PAWS…we send mega purrs and prayers in their direction for an amazing forever home to come forward where they are cherished.

5 years ago

Mindy and Bunny are sweet and gentle, and as you said, they are the best of friends. They really do look out for each other, and would make a great pair of loving companions for a lucky adopter. They enjoy gentle petting and being talked with. Maggie, these pics are terrific. You’ve really captured Mindy, Bunny and David’s wonderfulness. BTW, for what it’s worth, I have a photo of them all in that bed — David is kind of hanging off the edge. They LOVE that bed. 🙂

5 years ago

We wish we could take them into our home but Mum says she’s got enough with the two of us!

5 years ago

Awwww. What incredible, precious babies!

6 years!!! So unfair! I hope they find a forever home soon! I love David’s expression!

They are beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for linking up at

5 years ago

Aww, these are the cutest pictures!

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