Shelter Cats


Mittens needs a home.
Let’s try hypnotism… Look into his eyes….

Did it work? Are you filling out a PAWS adoption application?
Mittens is six years old and you will never meet a more gentle tiger.
Plus, he is a polydactyl cat; that means he has bonus toes. With those opposable thumbs, he’ll be very handy around the house.

He is a little shy, but Mittens loves attention and would be perfect in a quiet home with other nice cats.

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5 years ago

Mittens, you are adorable pal and I hope with those handsome thumbs you can hitch a ride to your forever home soon.

5 years ago

We love Mittens! He’s such a happy go lucky, friendly kitty. We hope he and his brother, Pepper, find a new forever home real soon.

5 years ago

Mittens, you are such a handsome boy. We so hope you find a forever home and soon. You all have a great weekend.

5 years ago

Mittens, we know you will hypnotize someone into giving you a furever home!

5 years ago

Mitten sounds such a sweet kitty and his big gentle eyes are irresistible:-) I hope he will find his forever home very soon! xo

You are one super smart and handsome dude. A loving home MUST be just around the corner too…
Purrs for a speedy adoption.

S Hall
5 years ago

What a handsome regal boy!
That might be Sir Mittens?
Duke of Mittens?
King Mittens?
Hope he is someone’s monarch sweetheart soon!

5 years ago

Mittens has such wonderful eyeliner! Makes those pretty eyes of his stand out. And I love his extra toes! My current foster has this trait as well… she has 8 toes on each front foot and 5 on each back foot. Yikes!

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

What a very handsome lad.

I’m purrin’ and purrin’ AND PURRIN’ Mittens finds his loving forever home, soon. PURRS.

5 years ago

We’re sure that you will soon have your forever home Mittens – you have such a lovely face we just know you’ll soon be there.

5 years ago

Mittens is a handsome fellow,I am sure Some one will adopt him soon,xx Speedy

5 years ago

Stunning photos of a handsome boy!

5 years ago

Awwwwww i wish I could adopt all the homeless kitties.

5 years ago

Such a handsome boy. Thank you for the comforting words you left on my blog on the loss of my Snowball. XO

5 years ago

She is the most lovely girl ever isn’t she 🙂

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