Happy Lucy2

Unfortunately Lucy2 doesn’t care for feline companionship at all!
Because of limited space allocation at PAWS, she was staying, temporarily, in a cage with other cats in the room. But here’s the good news: Lucy2 was moved to a room of her very own and her true personality was revealed.

Without the stress caused by the presence of other cats, Lucy2 is a very affectionate sweet girl.
Looking for your one and only? She’d be a perfect match.

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15 thoughts on “Happy Lucy2”

  1. Oh Lucy 2, we understand totally. Our Mew Mew just doesn’t get along with other cats so she has her own room here. Hope someone finds you that can give you a home by yourself. You sure are a pretty girl. Take care.

  2. How wonderful Lucy2 got her own room and the stress-free environment brought out her true, sweet purrsoality! Congratulations to her finding forever home!
    And congratulations to you to be one of the Best for the Kids blogs!

  3. She looks like such a sweetheart!
    How could you not love that face?
    And clearly someone did!
    Yea! So happy she has her home alone . . .
    except for the lovely humans that will love her!

  4. We love that Linda and Mary came up with the idea to put Lucy 2 in a room by herself like that, so that her true personality could shine through. So happy she found her forever home as a result! 🙂

    Congratulations on your well-deserved place on the Best for The Kids list. Awesome1

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