Shelter Cats


No couch potato here, unless you tire him out with lots of kitty games.
Energetic Donnie is only a year old.

Are you ready for a nap now, Donnie?
On his information card, it says: he is friendly, outgoing, playful, dominant, loves attention, and talkative!

Donnie hasn’t been at PAWS very long. But sadly, there are some cats who have waited at the shelter for years.

PAWS is offering a three day adoption special, “Pick Your Price / Name Your Own Adoption Donation” for “Shelter Veterans” like SPARKLE. He’s friendly, social, and good with other cats. He’s a 12 year old kitty who’s been with us since 2013.

And he has magnificent whiskers!

Save $25 off the adoption donation for all other adult dogs and cats! See who’s available at PAWS.
This could be a Memorial Day weekend you never forget.

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5 years ago

Donnie is adorable and so is that sweet whisker dude!

boy i sure hope you can report good news soon that Sparkle was adopted! that is so sad–what wonderful whiskers

5 years ago

I wish my kids weren’t allergic to cats! I grew up with a half dozen or more cats and they were my buddies. Each had such a fun personality.

5 years ago

Oh Sparkle, we sure hope you find a home and really soon. But we know you are getting good care at PAWS. But still your very own home would be great. And Donnie, you are just too cute.

Positively adorable! I’d love to adopt one of these lovelies!!!
Thanks for sharing at

5 years ago

What a cutie Donnie is. It’s sad to know many are still waiting for their furever homes. We purr that your adoption special is very successful.

5 years ago

I would take the 12 year old if I could. He needs someone the most. So precious.

I hope you had a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

5 years ago

Donnie is only a year old and he had been at Paws for a very long time. We hope he will soon find a loving family who will take him home with them.

5 years ago

oh what a cutie!!

S Hall
5 years ago

They are both so precious!
May Sparkle and all your Veteran Kitties find homes this weekend!
And Donnie too of course!
There is a Marie out there somewhere looking for him!

5 years ago

Poor Sparkle! He’s so handsome and just wants a human to love. Look at Donnie’s white markings! He’s a stunner and heart melter.

5 years ago

gosh I hope everyone finds a home soon!

5 years ago

Such sweeties. I hope they both get forever homes soon.

5 years ago

Donnie is such a great cat! We had lots of fun playing with him on Sunday, and he will make somebody a great BFF. 🙂

We love the Memorial Day Weekend promotion, and hope lots of our longtimers will find the loving forever homes they so deserve!

5 years ago

Donnie is adorable and sounds very playful 🙂 I hope the Memorial Day special will boost adoptions. I hope Sparkle and long time residents will find forever homes very soon xo

5 years ago

What beautiful kitties. I hope they both find homes soon. Especially Sparkle who is the oldest and has been there the longest.

Yael from Playing In Catnip

5 years ago

Paws crossed for Sparkle! 4 years is way too long to be waiting for a forever home.

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