Caution: Extreme Cuteness!

What a treat to visit these kittens in their foster home!
Momcat Mary Tyler Moore was doing a fine job herding her cast of tiny characters: Ted and Murray, Rhoda and Phyllis!
Stay tuned to see them grow…

When I saw them again, three weeks later, sweet Mary Tyler Moore had gone into retirement at PAWS. She was spayed and adopted soon after.
But, look how her babies had grown!

Now at ten weeks old, they are at PAWS waiting to begin their lives as some lucky family’s treasures.

You know they won’t be waiting long.

17 thoughts on “Caution: Extreme Cuteness!”

  1. WEll again, I am glad to don’t live close to PAWS. They would all have to come with me. They are so darn cute. And Maggie, thanks for your kind words on our blog. They are appreciated. You have a wonderful day.

  2. The best thing I’ve seen all day.What a beautiful little Family.I hope someone adopts them all.You’d have a ready made cat Family!

  3. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Great post, such a joy to see babies grow!

  4. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness!!
    I’m very happy their mom has already found her home. I’m sure the kittens will find homes very soon as well 🙂

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