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Kitty Grass Tutorial and Give Away!

It’s Spring!
And a young cat’s fancy turns to chomping on house plants…
That’s when we decided it was time to plant another crop of kitty grass.
Here’s Rufus tamping down moistened potting soil.

We sprinkled a generous layer of seed from Bond and Kramer’s KittyBluntz™ Cat Want Grass!™.
After topping the seeds with another layer of soil, we placed the pot in a sunny spot and waited.

At this point a few naps were required to contain their excitement.

It’s a good time to tell you about these special seeds:
Cat Want Grass!™ is mixed and packaged by Bond and Kramer.
It’s a certified gmo free combination of oat, wheat, flax, rye, and barley seeds.
A veritable buffet of greens!

Four days later, we see signs of life!

And the very next day, harvest commenced.

At seven days you can see the full lush crop.

Would you like to give your cats a green treat? Leave a comment and one lucky reader (continental USA only) will receive a free 3 oz. bag of seeds from Bond and Kramer.

P.S. I am not being compensated for this post. I love this healthy seed mixture and want to share with you.

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5 years ago

We have tried some other seeds and the cats really didn’t like it. So I am going to go order some of this right now. Thanks for telling us about it.
You all have a great afternoon.

5 years ago

Eli has been screaming at me to grow some more, so I just started the last batch of grass that I have, so I’d love some more 🙂

5 years ago

Oh yum! We haven’t had any cat grass in a long time!

5 years ago

Dat looks yummy. And MeOW what a pawsum mixture of seeds. We’d luv to give those a try. Fanks. Big hugs fur all.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Raena

5 years ago

This looks great! Cat grass is pawsome. My kitties enjoy it too. You two are so cute watching it grow. You must have a green thumb! 🙂

Mary McNeil
5 years ago

My cats love it – it’s hard to keep it in stock !

5 years ago

Love the photo of the two kitties napping together! 🙂

5 years ago

Hey, good job cultivating those greens, Rufus and Mickey! The harvest looks bountiful (and nommy)! 🙂

5 years ago

Snoodles wants some!!! Will you share?!

5 years ago

Lucky kitties, that looks like good kitty grass 🙂

5 years ago

Love the tamping paw of Rufus 🙂 And the napping pic is so adorable!
Our boys love salad, too!

Suzan Maxey
5 years ago

Your kitties are gorgeous. I love the picture of them napping together!

I used to grow cat grass for my previous generation of kitties but haven’t tried it yet with my current crew.

Jo Friedlander
5 years ago

My cats would love it. Thanks for sharing

5 years ago

We wouldn’t have liked to have to eat cat grass at all – maybe they are getting the grass seeds to chew on!

5 years ago

you just reminded me that I have seeds that I was sent (I think it is for cat grass) and I need to plant them!

5 years ago

We have grass growing but it’s only the oat grass. Would love to try this mixed version!

5 years ago

I’ve never tried growing grass myself, but this looks great and easy to do! Love how the kitties were helping you.

Gail Karlitz
5 years ago

Lucy really wants some of this yummy grass. The site you linked to is sold out! Can you hear her whines of disappointment?

5 years ago

Oh dat do look good. I already asked M if she’d get me some. She said she might =- we even hjave a wwindow sill to put it on now. Thanks for the idea and information.

5 years ago

We love cat grass, but we’ve never tried anything besides oat grass. This sounds interesting!

5 years ago

that seems like an excellent way to wait for grass to grow – MOL

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

MY girls haven’t really gotten into it. Perhaps because they never had anything good. Just the standard offering from the pet for store. This is certainly worth trying.

5 years ago

OOoh!! So pretty and yummy too! Katie really loves grass and I’ve been meaning to start growing some for her again. It’s one of those few rare things that Waffles will leave alone so it’s all hers!

Candace Brown
5 years ago

Be sure to use organic potting soil!

S Hall
5 years ago

Cocoa & Sundance are throwing their collars in the ring!
They promise to share the bounty with each other.
They LOVE the hard winter wheat berries I plant for them,
but now they want to try this Fancy Grass!
My Cats Want fancy Grass!

5 years ago

Malloy loves the grasses we have, I’m certain he’ll love these!! I’ve been wanting to get some more for spring to keep things fresh, so this is perfect timing!

5 years ago

I love kitty grass!

Hey Peepers! GET IN HERE. You need to read this. You could use some pointers in growin’ the cat grass, for sure. MOUSES!

5 years ago

Holy smokes, that’s a fast little crop! The current seeds we use take forever to get going. I’d love to try out these seeds instead! Fergus adores his grass.

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

5 years ago

MeWow! Resident Mancats Panky and Troyer love nibbling on grass! Am surprised that these seeds sprouted quickly! I’d love to give these seeds from Bond and Kramer a try!

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