Frick and Frack

These shy boys are only about ten months old. They are a bonded pair and won’t be separated. If you’re looking for a gentle, playful set of youngsters, look no more!

Is this Frick or Frack?
You get to choose – just come to PAWS and scoop up an armload of furry sweetness!

A winner has been chosen for the Cat Want Grass seeds™!
Rufus hopes the Three Chatty Cats enjoy the harvest.

16 thoughts on “Frick and Frack”

  1. Oh my goodness, what an adorable pair you two are indeed! I think that special forever home is hunting for you right now. Raise your paws when you see them show up!

  2. What cutie pies! I love their orange markings and matching eye color 🙂 Frick and Frack are both adorable. I hope they find forever home together very soon!!

  3. Oh they are sure going make someone very happy to have them. They are too cute and we so hope they find a good home and together. It is so much fun to have two that get along so well and keep each other company. Have a great day Maggie.

  4. Oh boys…my mommy is in love with you. She feels that way about everyone, true but you two are gorgeous! And your faces say LOVE all over them.

  5. Frick and Frack are such cuties. Hope they find their forever home together soon. And the kitties here are so excited that they won the giveaway! I’ll have to have my mom over to plant the grass to ensure it takes. Between my two thumbs, neither are green!

  6. What human wouldn’t want a little butterscotch goodness in their life? What a cute pair. I cross my paws that they find a forever home real soon. Purrs…

  7. Frick and Frack look like such sweet guys! Shy kitties can be so full of love. I had a shy kitty for a long time and he was always in my lap. Congrats to the 3 Chatty Cats on their win! 🙂

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