A Friend in High Places

Playful Clementine has a lively personality and, from her perch in the PAWS’ Lobby Room, she surveys all shelter activity.

Two year old Clementine is on the lookout for a new family.
Her interests include: chasing shiny objects, supervising other nice cats and humans, climbing and jumping – interspersed with long naps.

Are you in need of a cat with these special talents?
Apply at PAWS in Norwalk CT.

10 thoughts on “A Friend in High Places”

  1. Oh Clementine, you are just so pretty with lovely furs. We have our paws crossed that you find your forever home and soon.

  2. Maggie, your images and storytelling are truly purr-fect!
    How could anyone resist this sweetheart?

  3. Clementine is such a pretty girl. I love her beautiful coat! She looks quite comfy in her wonderful wall perch 🙂 I hope she will find her forever home very soon xoxo

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