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The staff and volunteers at PAWS have all fallen in love with Philomena.
Being smitten with a kitten or cat is a frequent occurrence if you spend any time at the shelter… but Philomena really is the sweetest most affectionate cat!

She came to PAWS as a stray, although she must have learned to love people at some point in her past.

The vet is guessing she’s over five years old. Philomena still plays like a kitten and snuggles like a pro.
Visit her and you’ll fall in love too.

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5 years ago

Philomena is such a sweetheart! She curled up on my lap this afternoon, purring and happy as a clam. Happier, in fact. 🙂

5 years ago

You are such a beautiful tabby gal and we hope you get your lap home soon sweetie.

5 years ago

Just tweeted and shared on Cody’s page. Such a cutie!!

5 years ago

Philomena is adorable and I love the name, I have a nun friend with that name.

5 years ago

What a sweetheart … you could just wrap her up in your arms and be perfectly content 🙂

5 years ago

Aww she sounds like such a sweetheart! And what a pretty girl. Her adorable big eyes make her look like a kitten 🙂 I hope she will find a purrfect forever home soon xoxo

S Hall
5 years ago

My first thought as her picture appeared was, I want that cat!
Those eyes! Those expressions!
She reminds me so much of my sweet Rafie Ella.
Love the way her front paw holds her back paw in the second picture!
Alas, I am too far away, someone take her home soon!

Philomena is a beauty cat with a beautiful name~

5 years ago

She sounds like such a sweetheart, sending purrs to her for a wonderful forever home.

5 years ago

Oh my goodness what a little sweetie. Philomena is such a cutie… who wouldn’t love her?
I have a mini shihtzu who might not… but then that’s a whole other story!
Have a great week ^..^

5 years ago

What a beautiful girl! We’ll send out our adoption vibe purrs but we think it won’t be too much longer before her forever family comes to collect her!

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

Oh She is the most lovely of girls. Her ways remind me of Katie Isabella when I met her. I too concluded that her first parents were very loving to her as she was extremely needly and loving to me. She was starved for love. After looking at me and her brother who happened to have been here the day, for some hours,she decided to trust us right away. Philomena will be or is the same. Lucky will be the parents of this baby.

5 years ago

Awww, so adorable. What great shots.

Hope you have a purrfect Awww week. ☺

5 years ago

I like how her paws overlap in that second photo

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