Jon Snow and Ghost

Ghost is an inquisitive active kitten with the softest fur!
Despite being blind from birth, it’s amazing to see her running, pouncing, and playing with wild kitten energy.

Her brother Jon Snow has some sight in one eye. They are such a sweet and friendly pair!

Here’s Ghost again, taking a break. These lovely kittens are available at PAWS.

I can’t resist sharing this picture of Ally snuggled behind her buddies. She’s still a bit shy, but does enjoy gentle head rubs and visits from friends at the shelter.

21 thoughts on “Jon Snow and Ghost”

  1. Oh I hope those two Jon Snow and Ghost find a home and really soon. They are going to make someone some great cats.

  2. Oh oh OH! Snow and Ghost…they have just taken over my heart! PRECIOUS babies. I love them.

  3. Ally us such a sweet ladycat. Love this picture of her, Maggie. John Snow and Ghost are super cute. They are both so sweet, playful and attentive!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that your entry on Sniffles was chosen as one of my favorites from the December 3, Blogger Showcase, in this weekend’s Showcase 🙂 Full disclosure, I combined your entry with Animal Shelter Volunteer Life’s to bring awareness to PAWS specifically.

  5. Hi There,
    This is the purrsonal assistant to the blogging Tribe of Five. Just wanted to let you know we also chose Sniffle’s blog entry to feature on our blog. (Actually Oliver chose him, as he hosted the linky party this week) Hoping these beautiful kittens find wonderful forever homes. We’ve never lived with a blind cat but have read so many amazing stories of how well they manage their environment and thrive when they are in their forever homes. Thank you for all you do for our feline friends!

  6. Jon Snow and Ghost are so adorable and precious! I hope they will find a loving forever home very soon! And Ally, how sweet she is snuggling up with her buddies 🙂

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