Shelter Cats


Here’s the elusive David!
He’s so shy that he spends most of his time hiding.

David is more comfortable with other cats. This is pretty tabby Delta.

Mindy is showing you David’s hide-out. The colorful toy box was donated to PAWS by a volunteer, and an opening cut into the front allows cats a little privacy.
It was a good inexpensive DIY catification project.

You’ll meet David, Mindy, and many more beautiful cats at PAWS.
But not Delta… She went home!

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5 years ago

You two are so sweet! We hope you give up being shy David you are too handsome to be shy. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

OH you two darlings. You dear dear kitties and so fortunate to have a loving place to be while you wait. xxxxoooo

5 years ago

Such cuties. I hope they get forever homes soon.

5 years ago

David is so cute! It’s true that we rarely see him, we are glad he finds comfort in the company of other kitties. He would make a terrific BFF for some lucky kitty. 🙂

We love Mindy. Such a sweet and gentle girl.

Yay for Delta!

5 years ago

David, you are such a sweetheat. I’m sure special someone will find you even if you are hiding 🙂
I adore the white tip on Mindy’s tail. And congratulations to Delta!

5 years ago

David’s a gorgeous tabby tuxie! Poor guy … he must be so scared.

5 years ago

such sweeties!! Hoping they find their furever home soon!!

5 years ago

Hooray for Delta! I hope the other go home too.

5 years ago

That is a really cool hide-out! When we saw the name “David,” we thought we were going to see an orange mancat because the David we know is one, MOL! The David we know is shy, too, AND he got a home! Now we hope your David and all the other wonderful PAWS kitties find homes, too!

5 years ago

Hooray for Delta! And I love that little David. It’s so sweet that he needs friends in order to feel comfortable. Seems to me like that would be an excellent selling point for him. I’ve met a few shelter cats that are resistant to entering a home with other cats. They end up with longer shelter stays, as many people want to add to families. Here’s hoping David finds the right family soon.

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

David has a very sweet face! I love that colorful box!

5 years ago

Just wanted to let you know that I featured you and PAWS again in today’s Showcase 🙂

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