Senior tiger cat Sniffles has the softest coat.
I wish you could reach through the screen and pet him.
Better yet, come visit him at PAWS!


He’s thirteen years old, but when Sniffles sees the wand toy he becomes a kitten again.


He’s friendly, interested in people, and gets along well with other nice cats.


His roommate Mork is amazed at his moves.

Sniffles is eligible for PAWS Senior Pension Plan!
As a senior cat, his adoption fee is waived, his yearly exam, vaccinations, and Senior Bloodwork will all be provided by the excellent licensed vet at PAWS.

20 thoughts on “Sniffles”

  1. Oh, handsome Sniffles! Your fur does look like the softest bunny fur. And Mork! Your paws are adorable as we’re sure your forever family will discover soon!

  2. Sniffles, you are just so handsome and good for you to keep that wand toy moving around. We have our paws crossed that you find that wonderful home and soon.

  3. Sir Sniffles, what nice whiskers you have!
    They are a nice accent to your 5:00 shadow . . .
    What a cute face!

  4. Sniffles is a darling cat.His mouth has the same shape as our Julie 🙂
    The Silver Paws program sounds amazing too.
    We think 13 is not old at all.Our Georgia is 13, JJ is 19 .
    We hope Sniffles will get a good home soon 🙂
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

    Thank you for your kind thoughts for Treasure.
    We miss him.

  5. What a wonderful adorable senior, I’ve just fallen in love…
    But I’m living so far away, in Germany.
    Wishing all the best for him 🙂

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