Shelter Cats

Shy Cats


This is Matt who has been at PAWS since he was a nine month old youngster.
He loves other cats and seems very interested in people – but at a distance.
Matt is mild mannered and calm but painfully shy.


Eight month old Delta is an adorable tabby with beautiful markings. She also is more comfortable with other felines than with people, as you can tell from her body language!


Volunteers and staff at PAWS are working hard (and playing hard) with Delta to convince her that humans are trustworthy.


I know there will be someone special coming for these two cats!
Soon we hope.

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5 years ago

Oh Matt, you look like such a nice cat. We just know someone special is going to come around and take you home.

5 years ago

Oh we hope soon too sweeties. Give the humans a whirl, you will be glad you did. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

Matts face, his expression has totally completely taken my heart away. I mean it.

5 years ago

Matt and Delta are both great cats. We do hope someone comes to find their kitty a new BFF. Matt and Delta would be great at that.

5 years ago

We’re sure that a loving family would be hurrying to adopt you both.

5 years ago

Sweethearts … you can see it in their eyes … they just need someone to give them a chance 🙂

5 years ago

Nothing wrong with shy. They need love and patience which you have. It’s hard getting a shot with a direct gaze. And it’s best not to stare directly at any cat especially shy ones since it’s perceived as potential aggression.

Just like with humans, those with shy personalities always have to struggle a little more to find the right person! I hope they all find someone perfect!

5 years ago

I hope these beauties get forever homes for Christmas. My Snowball came from a hoarding situation and she prefers to be with other cats and rarely lets me touch her.

5 years ago

so cute! Hoping they find their furever homes soon! xoxo

5 years ago

Matt and Delta are both adorable. Shy kitties do get overlooked…but I hope they both find a loving home where they will blossom!

5 years ago

Delta reminds me of my tabby girl called Lucy

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