Studio Cats


Rufus the Red here, reporting from Maggie’s studio where we have been hard at work drawing the illustrations for coloring books.


Mickey Mouser and I keep Maggie on schedule.
We have never missed a deadline.


Even though we are right here, day after day, serving as inspiration, notice anything missing in her recent books?
There is a certain lack of domestic shorthairs!


Let’s share a drawing that our friends can print out.
Just click on the cat drawing and print.
Petting cats and coloring are both activities that lower your blood pressure.
Have fun coloring!

19 thoughts on “Studio Cats”

  1. Maggie, we didn’t realize that you did this. We don’t have a printer but would love to try that coloring stuff. Do you sell coloring books??? That looks like such fun.
    You and those two good looking cats have a great day.

  2. What a wonderful studio and terrific kitties!
    Love your artwork and photography!
    For those of you that did not know Maggie is an artist . . .
    this is only a tiny tip of the gigantic iceberg!
    Check out her Illustration website
    And Maggie,
    Thank you for giving us a kitty to color present on your birthday!
    Happy Birthday Maggie!

  3. This is SO cool!!! You’re incredibly talented, Maggie! And these books are such a wonderful way of not only sharing that talent, but inspiring creativity in others.

    … and those studio assistants are the cutest EVER.


  4. OH! An ear full of hearts! Until CK mentioned it just above me here, I missed it. I have a coloring book from last Christmas and the full complement of pencils . I have not recalled that I have it until just now. If it turns out to be one you did I will be absolutely smilin’ big, happy! How beautifully done you have created a work. I really must try my hand and pencils at it. I think I thought I had to “make sense” of all the design and color accordingly instead of just enjoying the coloring process. Holdover from childhood. I really MUST try. And I love what you do.

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