Good News



Marshall: No, I really think I hear something, Charlotte.
Charlotte: You’re interrupting my beauty sleep, Marshall.


Marshall: They’re coming! Pack your bags, Hubbell. We’re going home at last.
And it was true. Marshall and brother Hubbell have been adopted.


Tramper: Charlotte and I are still waiting and watching and listening. Are our people coming soon?

17 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. Such awesome news about Marshall and Hubbell. We love those boys, and will miss them (but are over the moon about their adoption)! Don’t worry, Tramper and Charlotte, you’ll find your happily ever afters soon, too!

  2. Not as good as yours!
    I missed the “What you again?” post!
    These Boys certainly owe PAWS a big KISS!

  3. I am so happy for them! Truly I am. The other babies…OH please…may your mom and dad come right through that door tomorrow!!!

  4. That is really a great news! Congratulations to Hubbell and Marshall!! I know they will make their forever family very happy 🙂 I hope Tramper and Charlotte will find home soon as well!

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