Seven month old Delta is a shy tiger girl. She needed a shelter mentor and she found one in Cat Room #5 at PAWS.


It started with a synchronized grooming session with Bunny.


And then a sweet close-up encounter.
Bunny sure knows the ropes at the shelter. He was surrendered by his family in 2010 when he was eight years old. Bunny gets along well with other cats but has always been reserved around humans.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were adopted together?

13 thoughts on “Delta”

  1. Wow, that was an instant connection. He’s the perfect mentor. I love Bunny but thought he was bonded with Mindy? Having a young friendly cat bonded with an older less friendly cat with humans is an ideal match. It sure worked with young Odin and old boy Merlin. Paws crossed. Don’t miss my Monday post 🙂

  2. Delta and Bunny are so sweet together! I love their synchronized grooming 🙂 It looks they really adore each other…it will be wonderful if they find a forever home together!

  3. Aweeeee!
    That first picture of Delta & your art is so adorable!
    Her little chin stripes remind me of your sweet Tommie!
    Great photo series of a darling duo!

  4. this is yet another of a ZILLION times that I want to adopt them both and sure wish I could. God I need to win the lottery!!! They are PRECIOUS together! Just tweeted them.

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