Photo Sessions


There have been so many wonderful adoptions at PAWS lately.
This is due to our large supply of excellent cats, hard working adoption counselors, and our new staff Cat Woman Ellen, who works hard at promoting our cats on social media.
That leads me to dear sixteen year old Phoebe, seen above giving me the cold shoulder…


Ellen needed a good photograph of Phoebe for Petfinders. Fortunately Kevin, (aka Meowmeowmans from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life) ably assisted by Tracey, (aka Mrs. Meowmeowmans), came through with a beautiful picture. You can see Phoebe’s Petfinders page – CLICK HERE.


At least sweet fourteen year old Artemis was ready for her close up!

20 thoughts on “Photo Sessions”

  1. OH oh OH what beautiful girls and how gracefully they have come through the years. Proper ladies and how wonderful of them to grant us an interview of sorts. At least a glimpse of their peerless faces. My mom send all the kisses you will allow, beautiful ladies.

  2. So glad that the cats are finding wonderful homes. That is always good news. They look like great photos to us. It is so hard sometimes to get good pictures of the cats. Just takes patience.
    You all have a great week end.

  3. This post really made us smile, Maggie! I had to wait a long, long time to get a picture of Phoebe looking at the camera. 🙂

    We love Phoebe and Artemis … they are both amazing cats with so much love to give.

  4. They are both such beautiful kitties! Glad Phoebe finally decided to pose for camera 🙂 Love the Petfinder pictures. And the close-up of Artemis is stunning! I hope they will find forever homes soon xoxo

  5. Oh we love her. We would take a senior in a HEARTBEAT! We have two, one of whom is 14 and a very late adoptee. He is relaxed and happy and is reviewing a cat bowl for our blog (well someone has to eat the tasy food – right?!)

    Just don’t tell the other eight cats!

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