Ipanema and Elmer


Now that I have your attention…
My name is Ipanema, and I’m waiting in Cat Room #8 for my forever family to come find me. But I really want you to meet my roommate Elmer.


Elmer has been at PAWS for three years.
You know that silly myth about black cats being bad luck? While there’s certainly no truth to it, many black cats have the misfortune to be ignored in shelters by potential adopters.


Elmer is nine years old, friendly and laid back. He gets along very well with other cats.


Come meet handsome house panther Elmer at PAWS.

Here’s Elmer’s page on Petfinders.

11 thoughts on “Ipanema and Elmer”

  1. Oh Ipanema, you are just so cute. Elmer, we sure hope someone falls in love with you soon. Black cats are some of the best. We have three here and they are all just terrific. WE have our paws crossed that the right person will come along soon for you.

  2. Ipanema, you sure are a cutie. You’re also very nice to give that shout out to Elmer. He’s such a good dude, and we love him lots. We really hope his well-deserved forever home finds him soon.

  3. You are so adorable, Ipanema! And Elmer is such a handsome kitty. Black kitties are just as wonderful as kitties in other colors. I hope he will find his forever home very soon xoxo

  4. You are both gorgeous and we can see your awesome personalities showing through. Handsome Elmer, you are one handsome boy! We’ve always thought of black cats as lucky, unlike some people, and we’ll be purring hard that your lucky forever family finds you very soon!

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