Safety First!


Safety in Numbers
We were doing a small but noisy catification project in the hall outside the kittens’ room last week. When we looked in to see if they minded the construction noise, this is what we saw.
PAWS still has many charming and friendly kittens waiting for homes!


A neighbor’s cat has been enjoying our catnip this Summer. He looks quite a bit like our Mickey Mouser, and the first time I saw him I panicked, thinking Mickey had gotten out.
Rufus the Red and Mickey Mouser are not allowed outside. There are just too many dangers from cars, predators, diseases transmitted by insects, rodents and by other cats.
I hope this guy goes directly home and looks both ways before crossing the street.

17 thoughts on “Safety First!”

  1. What a darling pic of the kittens! How does Mickey Mouser feel about his look-alike honing in on his fresh catnip? Happy Gotcha Day to Mickey Mouser…hope you are having an awesome one, buddy!

  2. LOL!
    Love the safety in numbers kitty tree!
    Thought sure that was Photoshopping at its best!
    My how beautiful your garden grows!
    Lucky the little boy that gets to play in it!

  3. That is such a great picture of all the kitties. They are such good kitties to hang out together. And a very Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouser. We do hope all the kitties find some good homes. You all have a great Friday.

  4. We must have missed something cause we see happy birthday and gotcha day messages above. So we’ll chime in and add good wishes for Mickey Mouser too.

    Love the kitten pic.

  5. Great seeing you but it was so noisy. I think your ‘nip thief will be back. It would be good to know where he lives. Our neighbors all keep track of who is where. Their territory is just a few acres and our boys are trained not to go near the road.
    The clowder of bonded kitten made me sad. They’re teens already and I hate seeing kittens grow up in a shelters. At least they aren’t in cages.

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