Milo is a gentle couch potato. He would love to curl up and binge watch TV with you. Got snacks?


Please notice his soulful eyes and magnificent whiskers.
At fifteen and a half, Milo qualifies for the PAWS Pension Plan. His adoption fee is waived, his yearly exams, vaccinations, and Senior Bloodwork will all be provided by the excellent licensed vet at PAWS.

You are never to old for love!

14 thoughts on “Milo”

  1. Milo’s whiskers are magnificent indeed! And he’s got such beautiful eyes and shiny coat.
    I hope he will find his forever home very soon xoxo

  2. Wow, handsome Milo, with such big eyes, we bet you don’t miss a single nuance on any TV show! Sending our adoption vibe purrs that your purrfect TV show-watching forever family is making their way to you very soon!

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