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Good News for Louie

Handsome Louie is twelve years old. In the past, his senior status might have made a potential adopter hesitate…. but no more!

Announcing a wonderful new program at PAWS!



Big Louie is friendly, playful, and available.
As a senior cat, his adoption fee is waived, his yearly exam, vaccinations, and Senior Bloodwork will all be provided by the excellent licensed vet at PAWS.


Buddy is twelve too! Hooray for PAWS and Senior Kitties!

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We have read about programs like these at other shelters for senior cats, and they’re a PAWESOME idea! We hope the senior pension plan helps get more seniors into comfortable forever homes.

5 years ago

We sure hope you get that super good retirement home soon!!!

What a fabulishious idea!
Mes has already made Mommy promise that when mes goes over the bridge that she get a senior cat from our local no kill shelter (Richmond Animal Protection Society). Too bad they don’t have a program like that here!
Oh! Louie is a real cutie pie!

Ellen Emerson
5 years ago

I love Louie! So happy PAWS will be providing for the seniors and making it easier for them to find homes.

5 years ago

That is such a good idea. Good thing I don’t live closer, since I would adopt some of them if it didn’t cost me anything. I hope all the seniors find a nice home now.

5 years ago

Louie is such a wonderful dude! We are over the moon about the PAWS Pension Plan, and how it will help our beloved senior pals find the happily ever afters they deserve. 🙂

5 years ago

I love this idea!!

5 years ago

Louie we wish you all the luck in the world and hope you will soon be cuddling on someone’s lap.

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

I have to tell you, my mommy felt some tears n the backs of her eyes when she read this. We are both over the moon for PAWS and Louie and any other senior baby with such a fabulous Pension Plan. I so thank PAWS for that!

5 years ago

That is a great idea. I hope it helps Louie and many others get their forever homes.

5 years ago

That is a wonderful program, Our no kill shelter has a program of senior pets for senior citizens. We hope this allows all the seniors at PAWS to find that forever home. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

5 years ago

That is a great pension plan! I hope this helps more senior kitties to find homes. They deserve loving homes where they can enjoy their retirement!

5 years ago

This is such a beautiful thing for PAWS to do that I have TEARS in my eyes!!!!

S Hall
5 years ago

It is a WIN WIN for everyone!

5 years ago

That is such a terrific idea!! Wishing Louie all the very best!

PeeEss your suggestion for naming the union GUCAT is a very valid one and is under serious consideration with the “Bored of Directors” MOL

5 years ago

That is a great programme and I hope it helps lots of senior cats find their forever homes.

5 years ago

This is so great!

5 years ago

What a fabulous program. Congrats to you and a big shout out to your sponsor. More shelters should have programs like this.

What a marvelous idea! Whoever thought of it… God bless you~
Thanks for sharing at

5 years ago

What a wonderful program! I like the line “Too old to climb your curtains.” I have had kittens scamper right up the drapes and shred them. I hated the color of the drapes anyway so it was all just funny!

We do so love this program. I am a senior now too, but I am still young at heart and climbing on Granny’s lap is my specialtee..MOL.. Louie your are a handsome fellow and we like the look in your eyes. Good Luck Pawkisses to find a furrever home soon 🙂 <3

5 years ago

What a beautiful cat. Hope he finds his forever home soon.

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