At 16 years old, Mischief is well past the naughty kittenish stage.
Spend anytime with her and your only complaint might be too much purring!
She came to PAWS when her person could no longer physically care for her.


Mischief has acclimated easily to shelter life. She hasn’t met a person she doesn’t love, and even enjoys a little grooming time.


As much as we all love Mischief at PAWS, an animal shelter is no place to spend your golden years. We hope someone has room in their heart and lap for sweet Mischief.

25 thoughts on “Mischief”

  1. You’re so right, Maggie! We’ve all fallen in love with wonderful Mischief. She’s such an amazing and loving kitty, and we hope she finds her happily ever after real soon.

  2. Mischief is such a beautiful girl and what a sweetheart! Glad she is enjoying shelter life, but she does deserve her own forever home. I hope someone will take her home very soon xoxo

  3. 16 plus years with one kitty, oh my heart breaks for her owner who could not keep her.
    Mischief has been doing her yoga, she looks young, gorgeous and well cared for!
    As for purring to much . . .
    obviously impossible!
    Kisses to Mischief & kudos for the smart person that takes her home!

  4. Mischief is a sweetie! Mes is old and mes has made Mommy promise when mes goes OTB that she goes to our local no kill shelter and gets a senior. Wes agrees with yous!
    PS. Mes has a contest, please stops by and enters on my blog!

  5. She’s so beautiful and looks young for her age!

    Hope she finds her purrfect forever home very soon 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. Mischief looks like she could be our Duchess’ twin! Wow! We sure hope she gets a wonderful forever home soon. (Thank you, Maggie, for your kind visit and care.)

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