Lily and Andy


While cleaning in Cat Room #8, I met friendly Andy (top) and his sister, shy Lily.


Look at Andy’s amazing tail!
Sometimes I hold a cat toy with a bell over my camera and shake it to get the cats’ attention. It worked…


Playful Theodore, who can’t resist a game of any sort, came running!


Andy and Lily are a year old.


These healthy young cats are waiting at PAWS in Norwalk Ct.

17 thoughts on “Lily and Andy”

  1. LOL! Adorable Theodore stealing the spotlight!
    Love how you manage to capture everyone’s personality!
    May cat seekers everywhere flock to your site and adopt these babies!

  2. Awww they are all so adorable!
    Andy’s tail is seriously gorgeous. Well, not just tail, the whole Andy is gorgeous 🙂
    I hope they will find their forever homes real soon!

  3. Very handsome cats… Andy’s magnificent tail reminds me of Mr M’s on a normal day, or Purrseidon’s when she’s confronted with an aggressive squirrel 😉

  4. ALL of you…PLEASE see your mom or dad walk through those doors today!!!

  5. All lovely cats but I have to say I would never have a long haired cat again, the grooming was tough and never ending


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