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The Valerian Effect


Recently we won a generous selection of Valerian stuffed toys by entering a contest held by the charming and stunning kitty blogger, Cathy Keisha. They were made by the Bavarian Cat Toy company.
What’s in valerian, you might ask?
Wikipedia‘s answer: “Actinidine is a pyridine derivative found in the essential oil of valerian root and silver vine. Actinidine is a cat attractant, with effects like those of nepetalactone, the active compound found in catnip.”
Or, if you ask Miss Piggy at PAWS, it’s pure stinky bliss.


According to Lucy, possession is nine-tenths of the law. After she played with the valerian pillow, she sprawled on it and refused to share.

Interestingly, some cats who ignore catnip are quite stimulated by valerian. In Cat Room #1 at PAWS, four of the six cats loved it.
Now we’re curious about silver vine. What’s your cat’s favorite recreational herb?

This post is not sponsored and the opinions are honest reactions of the cats at PAWS.

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