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My name is Sanford, and you’ll have to excuse me now because I must go play!


I love people and want to be petted, but when there’s a toy to attack,


a cat has to do…


what a cat has to do!

Sanford is a handsome brown tabby, about eighteen months old.
He’s playful, friendly, energetic, and available for adoption at PAWS.

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6 years ago

Sanford is adorable. I am sure someone will grab him soon.

6 years ago

Such a cutie pie! We hope you get to go play in your own home soon Sanford!

6 years ago

Sanford sure looks like he knows how to play with the best of ’em!

6 years ago

Sanford is a really wonderful kitty. You really captured his spirit and personality with these great pictures, Maggie!

6 years ago

Stanford, you are such a handsome boy! And so playful 🙂 What great photos of you in action!
I hope you will find your forever home very soon!

6 years ago

Oh Sanford, you are just so cute. Looks like you have a wonderful personality. We so hope you find your forever home and soon. Hope that Maggie and all her kitties have a good day.

Hey, when a kitty has gotta play, a kitty HAS GOTTA PLAY! Sanford, you are an absolute cutie, for sure.


6 years ago

Sanford we’re sure you’ll get lots of cuddles for being so cute when you’re having fun.

6 years ago

Just tweeted him! He is darling!!

S Hall
6 years ago

What a good Boy!

6 years ago

Oh, Sanford is adorable. I’d love to play with him. That is, if i DID play with other cats.

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