Shelter Cats

Hammock Time


Hammocks are a year-round favorite place to hang out at PAWS.


That’s Mindy on the shelf keeping watch over little tabby and white Skye.


Across the hall, Patch is enjoying the hammock while Tramper and Daphne observe from their perch.
My husband Rick designed and built the hammocks for the cats at PAWS. He made a diagram in case any cat loving woodworkers want to make one. We’ve found the best fabric is a medium weight denim that won’t stretch too much.


You can click on the drawing to make it bigger.


Of course, Rick made a hammock for our cats too. Here’s Rufus the Red.

Skye, Mindy, Patch, Tramper, Daphne, and so many other beautiful and talented cats are waiting for loving homes at PAWS in Norwalk CT.

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