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Cute Kitty Noses


Beyond just appearance, there’s a lot to love in these two cats.

eEvanderEvander came to PAWS as a stray, but at some point in his past he certainly learned to love people! Besides being voted Most Likely to be Mistaken for an Owl, he might be a contender for Most Affectionate.


This is Clover’s second stay at PAWS. His people adopted him two years ago but brought him back recently because of allergies in the family. A volunteer said of this friendly guy, “He will offer his tummy to rub in a heartbeat!”


This is Clover (formerly know as Jeter) in 2014 – the first time he was at the shelter. We all hope Evander and Clover’s stay at PAWS will be brief and their new homes forever ones!

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5 years ago

They are both adorable. Such cute noses 🙂 Evander’s markings are simply fantastic. And Clover looks like wearing a heart on his nose 🙂 I hope they both find loving forever homes very soon xoxo

What adorable kitties! Peep #1 says their noses are one hundred per cent kissable, for sure.


5 years ago

You two are amazing with such special noses. I’m purring for you both but Clover, I hope you get a real home this time.

5 years ago

We adore both Evander and Jeter (aka Clover). They are going to fill their lucky forever homes with so much love.

Oh my gosh they are SO cute!!!!!
Thanks for sharing with us at

5 years ago

Salt and Pepper noses. You two are so good looking. We so hope you find a home really soon. You look like two good candidates for anyone.

5 years ago

You’ve made my morning, lol. Sweet babies.

5 years ago

Such cuties! I wish I could snatch them up.

5 years ago

those noses are the most precious ever!!

5 years ago

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5 years ago

Beautiful shots of two of the sweetest cats ever! ?

S Hall
5 years ago

Great Noses!

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

I love meeting these two babies. Mom said whoever had me before I was in foster care must have been extremely loving to me because from the git-go, I was loving to my mommy. I had to be in her arms every waking second and mom found it very hard to get anything done as the moment she rose from a chair, I hurried over with a zillion headbutts and chain saw purring and looking straight up in-between those. I have not calmed down that much in wanting loves. She adores me with her whole heart.

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

I was missing my former owner I know…Mom was told he/she had to give me up…they didn’t know if the person went to the Human Bridge or a nursing home. But MOMMY has me now and oh, I am loved.

5 years ago

Love the noses on each cat. You’re right. Evander does remind us of an owl.

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