The Great Catsby and Friends


Handsome young Catsby is pretty Great! He was a stray until he was brought to PAWS. The Great Catsby is friendly, but a little shy. The first week I met him, he was hiding under and behind furniture. Now he’s looking much more relaxed.

eCatTreeNamedCatsby and F. Scott Fitzferal came to PAWS together. All of these cats get along beautifully and are available for adoption at PAWS.


I bet you were wondering what F. Scott Fitzferal looked like!

11 thoughts on “The Great Catsby and Friends”

  1. That is such a great picture of all the kitties. Love F.Scott peeking out. And he is very handsome. They are all such good looking kitties and we so hope they all find homes and very soon.

  2. I LOVE seeing them all together and…F, Scott has a half mustache just like me. Tell him I said Tuxie’s ROOL!

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