Terrell came to the shelter recently. This is a cat who loves attention and loves being brushed.
Sometimes there’s that moment when you know a cat has had enough.
Or you accidentally find that area on a cat’s body that is off limits…
Well, that doesn’t happen with Terrell! He is so happy to be handled and brushed.


The woman who had Terrell and two other cats was forced to make a difficult decision. She entered an assisted care facility and was only allowed one cat. Terrell was brought to PAWS.
Fortunately, he’s got the kind of sweet personality that attracts adopters. We hope he won’t be at PAWS long.

11 thoughts on “Terrell”

  1. Oh Terrell, you are one handsome boy and we so hope you find that forever home really soon. Too bad his Mom had to give him up. Maggie, thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

  2. Terrell, you are handsome, darling and so deserving of a happy loving home. Thank goodness you are at PAWS!

  3. I am already sad today and this pretty much took me over the edge. The story just breaks my heart. The poor baby doesn’t understand 1) Where the other cat went 2) Why he is there. My heart is breaking. Why couldn’t someone adopt them together??????????
    His eyes are exquisite

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