Twelve year old Kossack will be marking his one year anniversary at PAWS next month. He was abandoned and was declawed at some time in his life. Despite all that bad luck, he’s a friendly, laid-back sort of cat.


He’s learning to get along with his roommate Sparkle.


Look at this charming playful guy!
Kossack is waiting for a better life and love at PAWS.

13 thoughts on “Kossack”

  1. OH you PRECIOUS boy. I wish that someone would walk in…lay eyes on YOU and just fall in love!

  2. Kossack is such a cute kitty. I love his pink nose 🙂
    Makes me very sad to know he is declawed…he deserves a loving forever home and I hope he finds it real soon.

  3. Poor Kossack, being declawed! I really hope he doesn’t have to wait much past his one year anniversary at PAWS. But if he does, it looks like he has a wonderful temporary home there. Best of luck to Kossack!

  4. Oh Kossack, you are one handsome dude. We sure hope find that forever home and soon. We just know you will make someone a great cat to have.

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