Shelter Cats

Signs of Spring


Yes, that picture was taken on the first official day of Spring, not that Mother Nature pays any attention to the calendar…
By the way, that’s a garden ornament in the background – not a real cat!


At PAWS, Buddy got a new ‘do for the season. His lion cut revealed his velvety undercoat and nice lean body. I’m sure Buddy is feeling a lot more comfortable without his tangled coat, once he got over the embarrassment.

Meanwhile, At Home


Mickey Mouser is enjoying a lovely kitty salad of 5 different grass seeds; oat, wheat, flax, rye, and barley.


Rufus the Red has been grazing too.
Happy Spring!

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6 years ago

Enjoy your greens sweeties! Hey Buddy, you look quite handsome and we know you gotta feel better, my Sister Sascha always feels great when she gets her new lion cuts!

So fresh and healthy. Thank Cod the snow is gone but made a pretty pic.

6 years ago

Love that I can keep up with you on Instagram! Happy Easter xx

6 years ago

Love the photo of flower with snow. But I agree, Mother Nature don’t seem to care about calendar. We experienced from30s to 80s F in a week recently. Buddy looks adorable in the lion cut! He must feel much more comfortable for sure 🙂
Lovely to see Mickey Mouser and Rufus enjoying salad! Happy weekend!

6 years ago

Oh Buddy, you do look terrific with your nice hair cut. What a great idea to grow all those different grass seeds. I am going to try that on my cats. Maggie you and your family have a wonderful Easter. Good to see you Micky Mouser and Rufus. You all have a super day.

6 years ago

Buddy looks great with his lion cut, and you’re right … we can tell he feels so much better. 🙂

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, and happy grazing, Mickey Mouser and Rufus!

Merlin loves his four-variety cat grass. Happy Spring!

6 years ago

Buddy looks so handsome!

6 years ago

Happy Easter and Sunday Selfie!
Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Mr Jinx

I’ve not seen Buddy’s “before” photo – did he have very long hair?
Ours kitties have short hair so don’t see the need to give ’em a shave. Plus I’m pretty sure they’d freak out. How does Buddy do with the process?
Thanks for sharing at

6 years ago

Buddy you look so cute now you have your lion cut.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

6 years ago

Aww what great Selfies,Happy Easter,xx Speedy

Katie Isabella
6 years ago

Oh you sweet babies enjoying your good salad! And it looks luscious too. Buddy darling. It HAS to be fabulous to be rid of those hurtful mats.

6 years ago

Adorable!! Happy Spring!! and Happy Easter!

6 years ago

Buddy looks very handsome with his lion cut. Mickey Mouser and Rufus look like they are enjoying their grass.

6 years ago

What cutie pie. Happy Easter

6 years ago

We sure would like to nom on that grass! Happy Easter to all of you!

6 years ago

Happy Easter!

6 years ago

Happy Easter Monday!

6 years ago

OMC Me thought dat was a wolf or suthin’ in da background. MOL Dat’s some purretty pawsum grass ya’ll got there. Enjoy.

Luv ya’


I never understood lion cuts until I realised they are really comfortable for the cats, and not distressing. Thank you for showing Buddy AND the daffoldils, they are our favourite flowers.

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