Who’s that napping?


Gray Emily has found herself a comfortable perch on top of the cat tree, but who’s that with the white paws, tabby stripes, and coat of many colors?


It’s June!
Meanwhile in another room at PAWS….

Introducing Sister, an eight year old playful, friendly, tabby girl released by her family. She looks like she’s wondering, “How the heck did I end up in a shelter and where are my people?”

We’re all wondering the same thing, Sister.

Looking for a couch companion? An independent quiet roommate? How about a playful charmer?
Come to PAWS in Norwalk CT (or your own local animal shelter). There’s someone waiting for you!

15 thoughts on “Who’s that napping?”

  1. All of you are such pretty kitties. June we think you are gorgeous. You all are just lucky you ended up at Paws if you had to go to a shelter and we have our paws crossed that you find homes really soon.

  2. Such cute pictures! Love the one of Emily and June looking this way together 🙂 And Sister is such a pretty girl. She does deserve a loving home – real forever home!

  3. Girls, mom and I wish we could have every one of you. We always do. June. Both of you…kisses and headbonks and hope.

  4. June, Emily and Sister are all such sweet and gentle ladycats. We were able to spend time with them all today. Lovely kitties, who we hope don’t have to wait too long for their forever homes.

  5. Ah, I love that June. I have a soft spot for the brown tabbies, as my beloved Eamon was that color. Hoping she finds that new and forever family really soon!

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