Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new place. For an eleven year old “owner release” like Cappy, it can be very difficult. But, fortunately he has blossomed into a friendly, more relaxed cat these days.


Cappy says, “Come hang out with me!”


“And then can we go home?”

9 thoughts on “Cappy”

  1. Oh sweet Cappy, how hard it must have been to be 11 years old and lose home 🙁 Glad that he is at PAWS getting tons of love and attention. I hope he finds a forever home really soon!!

  2. Oh poor Cappy. It must have been hard on him to have lost his home at eleven. We so hope that someone comes along to take him home and in the mean time, he is lucky to be at PAWS.

  3. Oh My!!!!! Except for a different facial expression, he could be Cody’s TWIN! OMC!! He even has that same thing on his mouth! His body is identical, same eyes…Cody’s eyes are shaped a little differently but they have the same color eyes.
    it always breaks my heart to read about “owner surrendered” pets. I try not to pass judgement because I don’t know their circumstances.
    Hoping he finds a new “furever” home soon!

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