Black Cat Painting


When it was time to paint a picture for the wall nesting box in Cat Room #5
at PAWS, I decided to create one that would celebrate black cats.


Figaro doesn’t care about my artwork, but I do hope someone will notice how very cute he looks in the nesting box hanging on the wall.


There are more pictures of handsome Figaro HERE.

12 thoughts on “Black Cat Painting”

  1. Your artwork is just perfect! I think it’s wonderful that you wanted to focus on black cats, as they so often get such a bad rap. Also, Figaro sure is one handsome model!

  2. What a beautiful painting! I love love love your artwork. It totally shows wonderfulness of black kitties. And Figaro is such a handsome kitty. He looks very comfy in the special box 🙂

  3. Awesome job, Maggie! Figaro looks so cute against your wonderful painting. 🙂

    He’s such an amazing cat … we can’t figure out why he’s still waiting for a forever home!

  4. Oh, Maggie, this is WONDERFUL!
    The artwork and kitty together is MAGIC.
    Bet Figaro gets his home soon and all of his black cat buddies do too!

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