Sunny Sunday


The snow had stopped falling and it was time for staff and volunteers to slip slide up the driveway into PAWS. Mimi was waiting, basking in the warm sun.


Shy Rudy was snuggling in his blanket.


That’s petite Julia on top. She purred as soon as I touched her dear little head.

Thank goodness for PAWS and all shelters where animals are protected from the weather and well loved while they wait for new homes.

12 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday”

  1. They are such lucky cats to have a warm place to be during all that snow. Sure hope they all find a great home and soon.

  2. PAWS kitties sure are very lucky to have warm, safe place to stay and loving humans to take care of them 🙂 We are enjoying warm sunshine here, too. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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