Sophie at PAWS


Yes, eight year old Sophie is still at PAWS waiting for a home.
I thought you’d like to see what she’s been up to lately…


Much of her time is spent supervising the other cats in her room.
Paolo knows that Sophie is the boss.


Sometimes it’s good to just kick back and enjoy a little recreational catnip!

11 thoughts on “Sophie at PAWS”

  1. Sophie is such a pretty girl, and a sweetheart (though it looks as though Paolo might disagree, just a little). 🙂

    She will be SUCH an awesome best friend to some lucky adopter. We hope they find each other really soon.

  2. I wish Sophie would get a home soon too! But the staff at PAWS realized that sweet Paolo wasn’t happy in her room and moved him. Now he’s living with the laid back kitchen cats and seems much happier.

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