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Greetings from Rufus the Red


Rufus the Red is the most friendly, busy, and playful cat we’ve ever adopted…
Fortunately, he must know that Santa is keeping a list, because he’s shown no interest in those shiny little Christmas ornaments.
And how are he and Mickey Mouser getting along?


You might remember that Mickey Mouser became an only cat when Tommie died last Spring. Mickey is a very shy formerly feral and seemed in need of feline companionship. So, we began searching for a calm, laid back, easy going male.


Rufus seemed perfect.
Due to his time on the streets, he was medicated for several rounds of parasites. When he finally recovered, we found out that we didn’t have a Cowardly Lion sort of cat; we had brought home Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger!


There ensued weeks of hissing (Mickey), wrestling, chasing, pouncing (Rufus), and some bad language (humans).


Here’s the happy ending to our story.

I hope you all have a cat or dog to cuddle this Holiday Season! If not, please visit PAWS or your own local shelter.

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