Shelter Cats

Who’s That Cat?


Who’s got a freckled pink nose and fluffy orange fur?


Who’s got green eyes and tabby stripes?


It’s lovely Ms. Pumpkin!
Yes, Pumpkin is a special cat. Only twenty percent of orange tabbies are female. But that’s not the only thing that makes her special. She is loving and loyal to her good friends. It just takes time to earn her trust.

Pumpkin is now ten years old. She was “released by her owners” two years ago and has been waiting at PAWS ever since.

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6 years ago

Oh Ms. Pumpkin, you are just so pretty. We can’t believe you haven’t found a home. We hope someone comes along soon. We have an Orange female tabby too. They are great cats.

6 years ago

Pumpkin’s been tugging at my heart for months. I’m so thankful that Kevin shared his photos with me so I could post about her. She reminds me of a cat we had in our shelter for a while. Her name was Ginger. She finally found a home. Now it’s Pumpkin’s turn!! I so hope this sweetie gets adopted before the holidays!

S Hall
6 years ago

That’s Precious Pumpkin!
What a sweetheart!
And what a Precious group of pictures . . .
and she is only more precious in real life!
Someone is going to be very lucky to snatch her up for more Holiday Cheer!

6 years ago

I just can’t believe that beautiful gal is still waiting.

6 years ago

two years? but she is so personable and cute! I hope her new people show up soon

6 years ago

she is stunning! Just shared her on Cody’s fan page!

6 years ago

What does “release by owners” really mean? Did they get tired of her? How could they? Isn’t adoption a permanent thing? Ms. Pumpkin, hang in there and you’re furever home is just around the bend.

6 years ago

Oh, such a long time, Pumpkin. I’m glad you have such a great place to stay but home you have your very own forever home soon.

6 years ago

She is sooooo purretty. Weez sharin’ and purrayin’.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

6 years ago

She is gorgeous. That is so sad she has been at the shelter for so long.

6 years ago

Thanks for featuring Pumpkin, Maggie. She is one of our favorite PAWS kitties. It makes us sad that she doesn’t always “show” well. But there is a home for every cat. She will find her happily ever after. Hopefully, soon!

6 years ago

Pumpkin is adorable! We can’t believe she’s been waiting that long.

6 years ago

pretty girl – mom loves it when kitties sleep with their paws over their eyes

6 years ago

Whoever takes the lovely Pumpkin into their home will be very lucky.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

6 years ago

Ms. Pumpkin is gorgeous! Shared.

6 years ago

That’s one pretty orange pumpkin! Our furrends Newton, Pierre and Ashton said it’s a disease when an orange cat’s nose has freckles but it’s not serious.

katie isabella
6 years ago

Oh you beautiful perfect girl. You are fluffy and gorgeous and why in the world ANY one would “release” you is beyond our capability to imagine. Precious baby girl. xxxooo

6 years ago

Poor Pumpkin. She is beautiful. Sharing.

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