Tabby Day


Cat Room #1 is one of my first stops on Sunday mornings. It’s a room with six double wide cages; one side for bed and food, the other for the litterbox.
Some of the cats at PAWS are caged because they really don’t like other felines. Beautiful tabby Halo is one of these. She likes to be up high, and when it’s her turn to come out of the cage, she leaps to the top of the cat tree.


Here’s an action shot of Halo getting some exercise.


And here’s a tabby of another color… it’s lovely Pumpkin. She is more comfortable in her cage and likes people, but other cats? Not so much.
Halo and Pumpkin are waiting at PAWS.

Kipling: Cat about town


Kipling had been living by his wits and friendly ways; he charmed construction workers into sharing their lunches at a building site in Norwalk. But the Connecticut Winter is coming and this six year old self confident cat needs a home. Kipling has tested positive for FIV+. He can live a long & healthy life but should be an indoor only cat. He’s currently being totally spoiled in a foster home. Please contact Ilona at to meet him.

14 thoughts on “Tabby Day”

  1. Oh those three are sure good looking cats. Pumpkin, we love your name. We do like Orange cats. It is hard sometimes to live with other cats. We understand that a lot. have a great week end.

  2. Oh they are all adorable! Love Halo’s action shot…what a cute tummy!
    I hope they find forever homes very soon xoxo

  3. Halo and Pumpkin are beautiful and wonderful. Both are really sweet, and we know they’ll do well in homes of their very own. They’ll flourish, for sure. We’re purring and praying for Kipling to find his happily ever after, too.

  4. These three cats are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all you do to care for them and help them find loving homes. I hope that they all find a forever family soon!

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