10 thoughts on “Sophie”

  1. We’re sorry your former human “released” you, Sophie. But don’t worry, okay? We’ll give you lots of care and love until you find your forever home.

  2. Sophie, you look such a sweet and gentle kitty. I don’t know what happened to your former humans, but I’m sorry you had to lose your home. I hope you find the new forever home very soon xoxo

  3. Darling, that’s what happened to ME. I was younger, 4 years old at the time— but it was the same thing They think my former owner had to go to a nursing home or passed away. I know I must have been loved because when mommy came to get me…Admiral directed her straight to me, I was so loving that it was heartbreaking. Why? Because it showed all the love I had inside me needing a mommy or daddy to give it all to. xoxoxoxo I hope your mommy gets there soon. xxoo

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