Scratcher Boxes


Rufus the Red, “Is it a bed?”
Mickey Mouser, “Or is it a scratcher?”
It’s really both, but sorry, Mickey and Rufus, Rick made that scratcher box for the shelter cats at PAWS.


Crawdad knew just what to do when we brought the new wooden box into the Lobby Room…



And here’s Marshall trying out the red one in Cat Room #8. I think he likes it!
Thanks, Rick.

16 thoughts on “Scratcher Boxes”

  1. Wow, what great scratcher boxes! I see they are a big hit. PAWS kitties are so lucky!
    Love the face expression of Marshall – he looks very satisfied and so happy 🙂

  2. Wow that is one great Box scratcher. That Rick sure does good work. Does he make visits??? Glad that kitties at PAWS have such nice things. They deserve it. Have a great evening.

  3. I must tell you, I think YOUR scratchers are better than ANYTHING I have seen on the market. Rick should sell those! They look durable and festive………I can tell they are EXTREMELY well-made! Just pawtastic! Love your photos too!

  4. Marshall! You about remind me of Katie and even if you don’t, you look fabulous! I can see everyone is enjoying the scratcher. How fabulous that your cat room and the others have this joy to we cats who love stretching our claws! xxooxx

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