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We were asked if we’d like to try out PetSafe’s Cheese Cat Toy. When they found out we wanted to bring the toys to PAWS, they generously sent us two for the shelter cats and one for our Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red! Plus they offered to sponsor a give away.
As you can see, my cats were fascinated. Now, on to PAWS


I’ll let the pictures talk for the cats.




The mice pop out from two sides of the wedge. This continues for 10 to 15 minutes then automatically turns off. If you aren’t home to push the button, there’s a “play while you are away” mode that will turn the toy back on for three sessions spaced two hours apart!


We love Petsafe! Earlier in the year they also donated this great Pagoda Fountain, which everyone loves, even Merritt!

OK, onto the give away…
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before November 1st. Unfortunately this is limited to residents of the continental USA. If you are outside of this shipping restriction, feel free to name a friend or shelter to receive the toy.

40 thoughts on “Cheese Toy Review and Give Away”

  1. It looks like my cats can have fun and have have some privacy… Since they have privacy issues… ?

  2. Between my eight cats, and foster kittens that come through my home, I am sure this toy would receive plenty of use!!! I could even take it to one of the habitats that helps support adoptions of our rescue’s shelter kitties!!!

  3. The cheese is such a great toy. All my cats here had the same reaction as the PAWS cats. They are just fascinated with it. It puts them in a trance. We have one so dou’t put us down for one. It is a great toy.

  4. OMC that looks SO COOL!! Our mummy is going to see if she can find the PetSafe range of toys out here and maybe we’ll get one for Xmas! They sound like such a great company, it’s nice to see them doing things like this for kitties that need it.

  5. Oh how wonderful for the PAWS kitties!! It warms my heart to see them having so much fun. 🙂 I’m really glad your babies like this toy, too.

    PetSafe is awesome – we have one of their Pagoda fountains in our home, and Carmine absolutely loves it!

  6. That is such a fun toy! Looks like everyone loved it 🙂
    I love that they have “play while you are away” feature. Very cool toy!

  7. Absolutely FABULOUS review AND photos! I love how all of the kitties were so taken with it! You know, I have one and didn’t know about the spacing out the play (making it come back on in two hours). Thanks for pointing that out! Obviously I am not entering but I wanted to vouch for how great this toy is! Good luck to all who enter!

  8. All the kitties look like they’re having a great time; I bet my crew would, too. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

  9. Great pictures Maggie!
    Love that Rufus is on the side where the mouse in not!
    I trust it returned to his side shortly . . .
    This toy certainly looks like a cat charmer!

  10. This toy looks likes it actually works! I have a Special needs kitty who will not play with anything but it looks like your cats liked this! I need a toy that works like this one does so he feels that he will be making the mice pop out all by themselves and since he was Feral,I would love to win this.I have 6 other rescue kitties as well.

  11. This toy looks like so much fun. Please enter us into the contest. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. We have da big cheese too. it’s so much fun. Glad y’all got to enjoy it and have fun. Weez luv da fountain and kuld fur sure use a second one as sis lexi hogs da fountain we have. Me knows she needs it to stay hydwated cuz oof da CKD, but me needs to be hydwated too since da VET told mommy me had cystitis.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. My cats are 13 and 14 would love this as they can sit and play after there morning feeding or supper, whenever as it looks like alot of fun.

  14. We would love the cheese toy that we can play with while mom is working to make money for food and litter. ~ Mitzi and Lucy

  15. I wood luvz to win dis cheeze toy! My momm was a pregnant feral kitty that was trapped & I wuz lucky to be bornz indoors. I wuz extra lucky becuz I was very sick when I wuz a baby kitten and for a while my new mommii didn’t kno if I wuz going to make it. My vets cared so much and made sure I had every chance to gets better.

    But I made it and wood luv to playz with dis all day long! Thanx you PetSafe for donating one to PAWS!

  16. This toy is AWESOME! Boy do I know cats (at our rescue) who would love to mess with this thing! Wonderful fun! Thanks for entering me into the contest!! Pam

  17. PepiSmartDog: Oh My DOG! You have two items we want!!
    LOVE that cheese toy – for my 3 kitteh sibs.
    And LOVE the water pagoda! We don’t have Petsart in Australia so I’ll have to see if they ship things. *excited face*
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop each week.
    We love your posts and look forward to reading your next one. *waves paw* :=o)

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