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We didn’t see much of Bagheera the first few weeks after he was left at PAWS by his owners. After a while he got used to the new sounds, smells, feline roommates, and people. When he emerged from his carpeted cubby we discovered that he’s a shy but very friendly boy who craves attention and affection.


Bagheera has such interesting fur with subtle stripes on his legs and a white undercoat. He is just three years old and would be perfect in a quiet loving home with other cats.

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6 years ago

Such a kind looking handsome dude and we hope he gets a real forever home soon. Hugs from all of us sweet boy!

6 years ago

Bagheera is such a cute kitty. He must have been scared at first but glad he is getting used to the new environment. His coat looks very unique for sure. I hope he finds a real forever home that he so deserves!

6 years ago

Awesome photos, Maggie. We LOVE Bagheera! He is such a sweet and handsome boy, and he just wants love and affection. Someone will be really lucky to adopt him.

6 years ago

Mum has fallen in love with Bagheera as he was looking up – Lucy looks up at Mum like that sometimes and she gets away with everything!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

6 years ago

Oh darn, why do I have to have so many cats. I would love to have Bagheera. He looks likes such a nice guy. Someone will sure be lucky to have him.

6 years ago

Bagheera is a Smoke Tabby!
My Fauna was a beautiful Smoke Tabby.
Sounds like Smoke Tabby’s have similar personalities . . .
friendly, gentle, sweet & wonderful!
Someone will be very lucky when that take him home!

6 years ago

He looks like a very sweet mancat. Some kitties just need a little time to adjust to the shelter or to get to know people before they show their personalities more. Shy kitties are often very sweet and love attention, I’ve found. I hope he finds a loving home very soon.

6 years ago

He is so cute 🙂 I hope he gets a forever home soon.

katie isabella
6 years ago

WJAT a truly handsome boy and that expression where he is looking up at the camera is precious. Sweet face and spirit I just know. LOVE his stripes too. Kisses to him.

6 years ago

I don’t think that I will ever understand someone surrendering their pet. I realize that circumstances sometimes make it impossible to keep them, but it truly breaks my heart. How frightening it must be to find yourself suddenly without your family. I hope Bagheera finds a true forever home. ♥

6 years ago

Bagherra, you’re a honey! We’re so thrilled to have been able to feature you in our Wizard of Oz Cats spoof!
We’re purring and praying you find a forever home very, very soon.

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