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Rufus the Red


We are pleased to announce that we have a new cat!
In mid July, I featured a cat (Ely) who had been found living in a feral colony. He was trapped and neutered and had his ear tipped before anyone realized that he wasn’t feral at all. Rick and I went to meet him and offered to foster this extremely friendly young cat. We thought that Mickey Mouser needed some feline companionship…


Mickey Mouser, “What? You mean he’s staying???”

After a few weeks of quarantine for coccidia, we started introducing Mickey and Rufus. There was a whole lot of hissing going on, all of it generated by Mickey. We knew that Rufus has a non-dominant laid-back personality and, now almost three weeks later, we are starting to feel that this is going to work out fine.


Rufus has been very helpful in my studio reorganizing my files.


Although, the cat alphabet might be different than the one we use.

The most helpful advise I found online was to stay calm and speak to the cats in a light loving tone of voice, even when you see trouble brewing. Yelling to stop an incident only feeds the potential aggression. Many times the cats had face offs with twitching tails. We were able to defuse the situation using this technique.

Putting bells on both cats’ collars also seemed to help. They weren’t able to sneak up on, or startle each other.
Do you have any tips for introducing a new cat?

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7 years ago

Oh he does look like a fun boy to have around. So glad he earned a home with you all. I think the two cats will work things out and probably become best friends. It is just a power play and one of them will probably give in eventually. Mickey is just letting Rufus know that this is his house and there are rules. Good luck to you.

7 years ago

Dang, he’s handsome! It sounds like you are on the right track though!

S Hall
7 years ago

Rufus the Red is one handsome LUCKY CAT!
Mickey’s look is priceless!
Kisses & Happiness to All!

7 years ago

oh my that FACE!!! (actually, BOTH of those faces!) That first photo of Rufus is just amazing, he KNOWS he is a lover, and the stunned/shocked look on Mickey Mouser’s face is cracking me up!
I love your technique of speaking softly to them, I think they will do just fine!!!

7 years ago

Mickey’s expression is priceless. LOL

7 years ago

How nice to have another fur child in the house.

7 years ago

It’s so great that while you’re integrating your kitties, we are integrating our chickens! and both seem to be going very well! I don’t know if this holds for cats, but with chickens, much of the bad ju-ju is around food. So we’ve been integrating them only when food is not present. I think the soft-speaking is a nice trick, however. Going to try that with the girls if I see trouble!

7 years ago

Congratulations! He is adorable and good to hear he is fitting in.

7 years ago

The mom is in love with Rufus!

7 years ago

Rufus looks to be a gentle boy and we’re sure they will eventually become good friends.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

7 years ago

Oh, Rufus is such a lucky kitty! I’ve been down lately, but this news really cheered me up. When we adopted Niko, there were lots of hissing from Goro. We did scent exchange and let them eat treat together, etc. I think time helped eventually. I’m sure Mickey Mouser and Rufus will get along well 🙂

7 years ago

Awww! It looks like you are doing all the right things! x

7 years ago

Rufus was from a colony I was trapping at in S. Norwalk. I could not have wished for a better home for him that the one he now has with Maggie, Rick & Mickey Mouser! I’m sure Mickey will come to love Rufus as much as everyone else does!

Mickey Mouser , you have the same face expression I had when I realised that the woffie puppy actually had moved into MY home !

7 years ago

Dat’s pawsum. Weez been twyin’ to comment fur days, but da site wuldn’t load. Weez glad we finally got to see da posty. Mommy sez she alows one or two days fur da cats to be stand offish and then after dat she spects everypawdy to get along. And she seez it dat way in hers minds eye and purrjects those fawts to da kitties. She also purrays and fur da most pawrt, all’s well after 2 days. Mommy’s always been calm and soft spoken wiff da kitties so weez sure dat helped too.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

Katie Isabella
7 years ago

OH he is so handsome! And BOTH boys look gorgeous to mom who loves every kitty she sees!!!

7 years ago

I’m thrilled for you, Mickie and Rufus. Ginger boys are usually so sweet tempered and there is zero feral vibe about Rufus. It looks like you’re doing all the right things. I do like Feliway, scent swapping and giving lots of attention to each one separately at first (they can smell the other on you but not see the cuddly bits). When fights are looming, no yelling and deflect instead with throwing a toy. I use dual want toys to play with both at the same time. I suspect the boys will become friends soon.

7 years ago

Awwww…. Rufus is ADORABLE!!! Of course I have a super soft spot in my heart for those crazy orange boyz.

Mickie, Katie feels your pain. She’s here if you ever need someone to meow to.


7 years ago

Concats on the new family member. You can also diffuse a situation with a want toy or just a toy in general. If TW knew these things, we might still have Isabel—or maybe not.

7 years ago

We are so happy that everything is working out with Rufus! It sounds like you’re doing everything right … we get the feeling that Rufus and Mickey Mouser will be buds. Eventually. 🙂

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