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Getting Away From It All


Mindy (top) and Bunny thought that they could avoid the antics of young Graycie by staying up high on the shelves. They were surprised when she levitated up to visit them.


Graycie gave kisses before she left for her new home.


Stormy was trying to get some peace and quiet too.


Kittens can be very noisy. Here is Domino who has already been adopted.
This time of the year, kittens quite often upstage the more mature quiet cats.

Saturday, August 15th, there’s a special event called “Clear the Shelters“. PAWS is one of hundreds of shelters across the USA joining to cut adoption fees for the day. Paws crossed for lots of wonderful forever homes!

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7 years ago

They are all adorable and Domino is as cute as can be!

7 years ago

Graycie, your are just fearless but so cute. Glad to hear you found a home. Everyone is cute and we so hope everyone finds a fantastic home. Maggie, you and your family have a great day.

7 years ago

That Domino is a trip! We have a feeling her new family is going to get a big dose of laughter and happiness every single day. 🙂

Love seeing all the cats enjoying the shelves that you and Rick built.

7 years ago

Keeping everything crossed for a successful event on Saturday! A great idea 🙂

7 years ago

The Clear the Shelters event is going to be awesome, I love when they have big events like that – they usually end up very successful. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great turnout.

7 years ago

Graycie looks like Goro 🙂 She’s got kind of big legs like Goro did – she may grow up to be a big girl! I hope her new family will keep you updated! It’s so lovely to see everyone enjoying the shelves! Have a wonderful day xoxo

7 years ago

That would be wonderful if they all got adopted that day.

7 years ago

Such cute kitties! Shared and hope they all find forever homes during the Clear the Shelter event.

7 years ago

We are so delighted for Grayce going to join her family at her new forever home.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

7 years ago

This is so awesome! I wish our shelter was participating in this. It is a wonderful idea.

I will share this post to help spread the word about the event. I so hope that some of the more mature kitties find their happily ever after.

7 years ago

they are just darling and so are your photos!!
Hoping the adoption event is a huge success!

7 years ago

They are all so cute! Sharing.

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