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You may have seen Merritt here in previous posts, but she has never looked so contented and pleased with her surroundings. generously donated two of these Catit Bench Scratchers to PAWS. I emailed them, sent pictures of our red themed room, and, within a few days they sent the scratchers.


This is two year old JR. I’m sorry to say that this very friendly declawed boy was abandoned. The good news is that he’s enjoying life in Cat Room #8 while he waits for a second chance at love. I told Petsafe how purrfect a red pagoda fountain would look in our redecorated room. Not only did they send a red one, but they also included a white one for another cat room. The water trickling down is fascinating to the cats and it makes such a pleasant sound!



On a very happy note, Jazmine who has been at PAWS for four years, was adopted this week. She was seen so often perched on the Catit Scratcher like a pedestal, we gave it to her new guardians. She’ll have something comforting and familiar to help her settle into her new home.


Thank you so much to the kind people at Petsafe and Chewy!

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