Catification Completed!


Meanwhile in Cat Room #7…

Ernie: “What do you think they’re doing, Merritt?”
Merritt: “I don’t know, Ernie, but they’ve been hammering and sawing and making a terrible racket for a month. Now we have these new windows, but I don’t see any cats in there.”


Last time I showed you the left side of the room.


Now you can see the new windows into the cat room next door on the right, and the stairs up to the viewing platform.
All we need is cats…


Ernie and Merritt are making themselves right at home- along with Marshall, and Zoe.

12 thoughts on “Catification Completed!”

  1. AWESOME! It looks fantastic, Maggie and Rick, and the cats obviously love it. No surprise that Merritt and Elmer were two of the first to check it out. They are both pretty brazen (but we love them)! 🙂

  2. That looks FANTASTIC! If only every shelter could manage to do this, how much healthier (mentally) the cats would be while waiting for their forever homes. Kudos to you all!

  3. Oh wow, this is wonderful!! What a fantastic catification. I love steps, boxes, viewing platforms, windows….well, everything about the room! Clearly kitties love it very much. Lucky kitties, it’s like they are staying at a luxury hotel while waiting for forever homes 🙂

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